Commander 2

More than a charger, a business solution

Wallbox Commander 2 provides the easiest and shortest path towards smart electric vehicle charging for your business at the best price. Combined with myWallbox for businesses, included at no additional cost, this EV charger for businesses reduces the overall investment in installation and power demand thanks to features like: smart load management, lifetime operation support and activating charging as a revenue stream.

Every Commander 2 includes a 5 years paid subscription of the myWallbox Business plan.  

Your Wallbox home charger is included in purchase of the vehicle. Installation is not included.

myWallbox Charging Software for Businesses

Maximize charging time, energy consumption transparency and charging access are the pillars of a successful EV charging for your business.

The myWallbox Business plan is included, giving you the right tools to reduce any associated operational cost, among those:
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